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Mai Long



Born in 1930 in Ha Noi

Graduated from the Fine Art College of Indochina in 1950 – 1954.


Member of the Vietnam Plastic Art Workers’ Association.


Many works have been preserved / displayed in the Viet Nam Fine Arts Museum, the Eastern National Arts Museum in Moscow, Penza Fine Arts Museum and Asia – Pacific Museum.


Mai Long always uses local silks. These come in many different weights. Ranging fine or coarse woven.


He uses up to four or five different weights, as different weights have different absorption and blending qualities.


The subject to be painted also influences silk selected. Since areas of silk is also a matter for consideration. Mai Long works on silk that has been stretched on frame. The finishes work is strengthened by backing with “ giay do “, a paper made from the pith of a native tree. Mai Long searched for a technique that would bring out the rich colours in ethnic clothing. This was achieved by painting on both sides of the silk. As the artist explains : “ With this technique the colour comes from the back to the front, it works well with dark colours. It might be added, the technique also brings opacity “.


Fascination with atmospheric effects created by wind, rain, mist, fog, water and sunshine meant searching for a way to capture those ephemeral moments. The technique used involves a number of repetitive steps. Watercolour us aoolied into the wet silk support anh when the paint is dried the silk is wiped over with a wet sponge. This removes all paint except those were except those were absorbed into the fabric. The process is repeated as many times as needed, until the desired effect is achieved.



This technique give Mai Long’s landscape paintings a soft, vaporous effect. Talent and practice have made him a master of swirling mists and rain, movement of wind on water, flickering firelight in darkness, night lights reflecting in water, and the ethereal effects of the sinking sun flooding across a mountain landscape.


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Chùa Thiên Mụ

Chùa Thiên Mụ

Tác giả: Mai Long 

Chất liệu: Lụa

Kích thước: 97cm x 78cm 

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